2015: Solarflieger soll Welt umrunden

Heute gibt es wieder ein Fundstück, eines mit atemberaubenden Fotos der Lindbergh Foundation. Mit einer Ankündigung eines eleganten Solarflugzeuges, das Dick Rutan und Jeana Yeager, die 1986 in ihrer Voyager Nonstop die Welt umrundeten ohne aufzutanken, nun 2015 nachfolgen soll.

Zunächst aber tourt der Solarflieger durch die USA. Wer nicht dabei sein kann, kann die Stationen auch im Internet verfolgen, siehe Links am Ende des Beitrags zum „Verfolgen“ der Reise…

051513-1Lindbergh Award winner Dr. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, co-founders of the Solar Impulse project are going to fly a solar powered aircraft around the world non-stop in 2015. They are now flying the aircraft across the U.S. from Phoenix to Dallas, St-Louis, Washington DC and New York in the coming weeks. The aircraft started its cross country flight from San Francisco.

Dr. Piccard has offered Lindbergh Foundation friends and supporters priority tickets to visit the aircraft in the cities where it stops. This is an unusual opportunity to see an extraordinary aircraft that certainly will be historic.
Furthermore, as Dr. Piccard says, “These flights give André Borschberg and me a lot of opportunities to spread our message in national and international media about the importance of promoting clean technologies worldwide. It is very well received, but we believe we can go even further. We want to reach the largest number of people to mobilize, give their voice and support our action by signing up on our home page. It’s important to give a clear signal to the decision makers about the direction people want to go in terms of clean technologies.”