Luftfahrt und Musik

Was sich wie ein gewollt kostruiertes Konstrukt anhört, gibt es tatsächlich: die Vereinigung der musizierenden Piloten: Die Flying Musicians.

Den Antrag für ein Stipendium in den USA findet man auf deren Website.

This program will provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while developing skills and experience. Just as importantly, students will be able to develop a personal network of contacts within the aviation and music industries. Interns will also be given the opportunity to attend, gratis, select aviation and music events where FMA is participating. All interns will be offered a FREE one year student membership in the Flying Musicians Association.

The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) is a nonprofit corporation of pilots who are musicians, spanning the globe, proficiency levels, and genres. The goal is to share our passions in order to inspire, educate, and encourage through performances, presentations, and scholarships.

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  1. We welcome aspiring aviators and musicians – those who have passion in both. Whether you are or desire to be we encourage you to join us.

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